Vase Volcano

Vase Volcano


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Volcanoes have been attracting of the mankind since long ago. They
arouse respect and awe at the same time. The vases Volcano and their
shape may remind us of a burning mountain. The cut on them is not
applied to decorate but to shape. It has been growing wider from the
bottom to the very top with an unusual arc finish. It creates a
characteristic opening-up silhouette continued in the flowers. The
authors strived to design a free and airy shape but also a simple and
precise one modeled for space.The vases are offered in clear crystal
and in the Moser translucent colours.
Serial number: 3062
Measurements: 30 cm/11.8 inch or small Volcano Vase 20cm/ 7.9 inch -
Design: Ingrid Račková, David Suchopárek

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