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Design : Ingrid Rackova and David Suchoparek
Both designers intented to bring life to and make the traditional
geometrical symmetry of Moser products move with a well-turned curve.
An original shape appeared which should associate calming perfection of
the smooth and dignified ocean wave. Bubbles in the lower part of the
vase resemble little water crystals in the waves. Let's rock to sleep
on an ocean wave and let's relax looking at the elegant product curves.
The vase is limited to an editon of 1000 pieces, signed byt the artists
and by Moser. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is enclosed to
each artwork. Following color combinations are available : upper part -
clear, eldor or beryl, lower part - alexandrite, topaz or aquamarine.
Height : 40 cm = 15.7 Inch

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