Vase Angel

Vase Angel


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Design: Jiří Šuhájek
The successful collection of art objects Four Elements, designed by
Jiří Šuhájek, continues in the collection of
massive coloured vases, called Angels. Color - Beryl - Topaz. Limited
Edition of 300 pieces. It is signed by the artist and by Moser. A
numbered Certificate of Authenticity is enclosed to each artwork. The
author explains closer the inspiration source of this unique collection
saying: “Not even did the Icarus’ fall turn the mankind off
their desire to fly. To fly as high as the upper regions as the wildest
birds do, or just fly about a bit, but on the wings of the most
magnificent butterflies. Therefore, it may have always been only one of
the big human dreams. So, only angels were given wings at first. Such
wings as we know them from the works of great masters of sculpture and
painting of the past and the present, for instance. The theme of angels
captivated me with its symbolic connection between the worldly life and
the divine one, and its creative potential of artistic interpretation.
Glass with its characteristics challenges you directly to work with it.
Its optics and the glassmaking alchemy mentioned above have lead me to
the idea of creating angel’s wings in the rainbow dyes
accredited, for example, to Archangel Sephariel of Peace. Some other
colours are also indisputably beautiful – garnet and ruby red of
Uriel’s wings and green of Raphael’s wings. I lashed them
down to the ground in the vase shape with the angels’ names. And
may be with the heavenly mission, too…“
Dimensions: height: 31 cm / 12.2 inch, height: 32,5 cm / 12.8 inch

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